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Affordable swimming dеmоlіtіоn contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula our demolition are very cost effective and ideal for residential or commercial construction demolition sites.

We specialize in swimming pool removals, pool demolitions, concrete removal, excavations, and foundation grading, offering San Jose and nearby cities, affordable and reliable pool demolition contractor services that meets your budget. Once we are done with the pool removal, we will haul away all debris and junk from your property, fill it out with dirt, grade it and compact it, making sure it is ready for use.

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We'll take care of permits, and all the paperwork needed, all you have to do is set your appointment with Alliance Demolition & Deconstruction Contractor, we will come by your swimming pool location, to make  sure we devise a great approach for your specific pool demolition, we'll set an agreed budget, and start work immediately.

No matter your reasons, Alliance Demolition & Deconstruction Demolition services in San Jose can certainly help you to get your pool demolition at a very affordable and cost-effective price.

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Our demolition company  can take care of any backyard pool demolition and removal and any community center poll removal and demolition, we have he right crew and equipment to handle any project, we are licensed, insured and bonded for our protection and peace of mind.


Our experienced swimming pool demolition team is ready, we come to your property, with the right machinery to make the demolition project fast, safe and easy, from start to finish.

Our experienced swimming pool demolition team is ready, with over 20 years experience we know exactly what to do, we use the right machinery to make the demolition project fast, safe and easy, from start to finish.

Our swimming pool demolition company offers free estimate, cost-effective pool demolition services, we work with to make your demolition project an easy and fast process.

Affordable dеmоlіtіоn contractor in the San Jose Bay Area and Peninsula our swimming pool demolition services are the best value fro your money.

Alliance Demolition & Deconstruction Demolition Contractor in the San Jose Bay Area and Peninsula offers cost-effective demolition solutions for any type of project, get our demolition expertise to work for you, contact us today for your FREE on-site estimate!

No matter what kind of business are you in, Alliance Hauling & Demolition, will save you time and money, doing the service right the first time! No job is too big or too small for Alliance Hauling, we recycle most of the garbage we haul, we deal with your trash in a clean sustainable way, that helps our Planet.



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