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Affordable dеmоlіtіоn contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula our demolition are very cost effective and ideal for residential or commercial construction demolition sites.

We offer affordable residential demolition services that are professionally done, our team specializes in removing any building structure on your property, be it a partial demolition, selective demolition or room strip out demolition.

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Common residential demolition services arte bathroom remodeling, swimming pool demolition and garage demolition, most of the time the demolition project involves the addition of a new room, or correction of demolition contractor building structure.

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Our residential demolition contractor services in the Bay Area are backed by experience, expertise and a licensed and insured company that can offer you high quality, affordable demolition services, done by trained professionals in the construction business..

Alliance Demolition & Deconstruction Demolition offers residential demolition services for any phase or your project, including deconstruction services for interior or exterior demolition projects.

Our demolition services range from partial house demolition and renovation or remodeling, to full site complete demolition, our demolition team have the skills and experience to get your commercial demolition project done safely and on time.

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Demolition and removal inside, outside, in the garage, or in your yard... We've got you covered!


Affordable demolition contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula, our cost-effective demolition services are ideal for any residential or commercial construction & demolition sites.

Our demolition services range from partial building demolition and renovation or remodeling, to full site complete demolition, our demolition team have the skills and experience to get your commercial demolition project done safely and on time.

Add a new room to your property, by completely demolishing an existing one, or clear the entire property for a new house or building, our demolition expertise will get the job done affordably and on-time. Our demolition company offers a free on-site visit to assess your needs and devise the right strategy to get the job done safely an on time

Alliance Demolition & Deconstruction Demolition Contractor in the Bay Area and Peninsula offers cost-effective demolition solutions for any type of project, get our demolition expertise to work for you by contact us today for your FREE on-site estimate!


Interior or exterior residential demolition contractor servicesGet professional residential demolition services in the Bay Area and Peninsula, we offer cost-effective interior or exterior demolition service, our working will make house remodeling easy.

When we're done you will have your property completely cleaned and all debris removed for proper disposal, we're environmentally responsible.


Floor residential demolition contractor services bay area

Get the flooring you always wanted, floor demolition services done by professionals, floor removing is not an easy task, you must have the right equipment and skills to get it done properly. We remove all types of flooring in your property.

We perform precise removal of your floor, minimizing dust particles as much as possible, when finished we will removed all debris and dispose them properly and responsibility.


Concrete removal contractor services bay areaAffordable concrete removal services, including concrete removal from driveways, patios, sidewalk, garages and other structures, our work is clean and professional, start your new concrete removal project today, no job is too small or too big for us!.

Our experienced demolition crew will make sure that all concrete debris are removed and hauled away from your property, we have the right demolition equipment to get the job done right, from start to finish.


Decks and patios residential demolition and removal

Get your new Deck or Patio project going... make room for your construction project, most patio and deck remodeling projects requires a clean slate for the new construction to take place, trust Alliance Demolition & Deconstruction Demolition services to help you on every step!

Alliance Demolition & Deconstruction Demolition Services in the Bay Area offers affordable prices, and environmentally responsible ways to get your deck or patio completely demolished in no time!


Kitchen and bathrooms demolition services in the bay area SFThose type of demolition projects are best done by a reliable contractor company that has the right equipment to perform the demolition, you don't want to be without the use or your kitchen or bathroom fro a long time!

 Alliance Demolition & Deconstruction Demolition Contractor Services is well equipped for any kitchen or bathroom remodeling you might have, from the kitchen counter top down to cabinets, our demolition crew will carefully making sure to tarp off and cover everything around the demolition area.


We provide professional complete and reliable building strip outs with the proper removal of all building interior fixtures, selected partitions,

Soft demolition services usually involves taking a part of the building, or property, apart piece by piece, since it is a controlled and selected demolition, it does not affect the building structure, most of the work includes removing ceiling tiles, drywall, hardwood floors, bathroom fixtures.

Hard demolition services refers to the removal of structural features like floors, beams, and load-bearing walls. This is a very elaborated and careful process that requires expertise and the right demolition equipment.

Before the demolition project begins, the team will need to identify any hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, mercury, to make a safe demolition.

No matter what kind of business are you in, Alliance Hauling & Demolition, will save you time and money, doing the service right the first time! No job is too big or too small for Alliance Hauling, we recycle most of the garbage we haul, we deal with your trash in a clean sustainable way, that helps our Planet.



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